2017-2018 Fourth Ghana Session: Olmec, Crusades, Renaissance, Kingdom of Mali

The College and Career Ready students, also known as the Dream Academy, gave the students in Ghana a presentation on the Olmec, Crusades, Renaissance, and the Kingdom of Mali. First, they spoke about the Olmec. The Olmec was considered the first civilized group in Mexico. They were known for their colossal head sculptures.

After their presentation on the Olmec, the College and Career Ready students gave a presentation on the Crusades. The Crusades were numerous wars that took place from 1095-1291. It was brought up that Pope Urban II launched many Crusades. In addition, the Dream Academy mentioned how the Turkish Ottoman Empire took over the Byzantine land.

Once they were finished with their presentation on the Crusades, the Dream Academy spoke about the Renaissance. The Renaissance went from the 14th to the 17th century. During this presentation Michelangelo’s works such as the sculpture of David and the Sistine Chapel were mentioned. In addition to Michelangelo’s works, Raphael’s painting of the School of Athens was also spoken about.

Finally, the College and Career Ready students gave a presentation on the Kingdom of Mali. People of Mali created multiple trade routes which went across the North Africa desert. During the late 1200s, the former kingdom of Ghana became apart of Mali’s territory. In addition, students spoke about Mansa Musa, who ruled from 1312 to 1337. Musa made a journey to Makkah as well as called for the creation of mosques.

After their presentation, the students in Ghana asked questions regarding the Olmec. They wanted to know what others thought about the Olmec and if one interpretation should be accepted or more interpretations regarding the Olmec civilization should be studied further.

The Dream Academy:

Juna Weedon (lead student)

Jeremy Reese

Alejandra Garcia Chavez

Hasley Clemente

Jimya Davis-Sloan

Vah’Kyla Esdaile

Enjonae Griffin

Guadalupe Hernandez-Nava

Abira Hodge

Amaya Hodge

Tiviana Kenney

Javon King

Kayla Lewis

Ariana Linares

Joseph Lopez-Barrios

Andrew Martinez

Tysion Murchison

Hailey Perez

Principal Supervisor of this event: Mr. Gerbino



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