Why Not Use It! A Man By The Name of David Wronko

Where do I begin? During the 2014-2015 school year I was named the teacher of the year for the Asbury Park Middle School. I thought this was the greatest moment of my life. However, during that same school year I injured myself running. I developed sciatica. The pain was incredible. Now the teacher of the year was on his back for about ten days. I could not believe it. I felt like, here I go with my crazy comparisons and like I said why not use it, Batman getting his back broken by Bane. When I finally was able to get to my feet it was like Bruce Wayne getting to his feet in the Dark Knight Rises. I had one mission, if I am teacher of the year I have to get back to my students. I did! Not only did I return, but I helped my students get published in numerous articles and magazines to help out their resumes. The year ended good and I said to myself I hope I never experience anything like that again.

However, this past year, 2016-2017, I had more injuries. This time I had a neck and back injury with muscle spasms. This was bad because I had these injuries from September all the way to May. I felt like Batman again but this time fighting Darth Vader, Predator, and Alien. What helped me ignore the pain was coming into work and helping my students succeed. This year my students built incredible resumes and developed incredible projects. Now that the year finally ended, I feel alright. Remember always have a strong will to continue!!!!!!

Below I have two articles relating to the incredible projects and two videos dealing with Batman fighting Vader, Predator, and Alien. Enjoy.



Paper Airplanes Make A Great Project!






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