10 Things You Ought To Know About Rapper Joe College

Joe College

written by Kaila Davis originally published on Unheard Voices Magazine

10 Things You Ought to Know About Joe College

This past summer I had the opportunity to kick it with, in my opinion, Jersey’s hottest emerging new artist- Joe College. One afternoon we sat down over pizza and soda, and on the second occasion I was personally invited to attend a studio session. On both occurrences conversation flowed and I learned quite a bit of impressive information about the promising lyricist. Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, twenty-three year old Lem “Joe College” Walker is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Joe takes his everyday life experiences and turns them into soulful, feel-good music; capturing attention from listeners of all ages. When Joe College opens his mouth to spit a rhyme or kick some knowledge, trust me, you’ll want to listen! Here’s 10 Things You Ought To Know About Joe College.

1. He’s Been Rapping Since The Age of 15
At 15 years old, Joe became somewhat serious about his craft. He recorded his first track with his childhood friends (DHO) using his family’s desktop microphone. Ironically though, Joe wasn’t responsible for writing his very first rap, his friend was the mastermind, and Joe simply recited the lyrics.

2. Joe is a Perfectionist
When it comes to his craft, Joe likes to be hands on with every detail. Not only is he an amazing lyricist, but he’s also learning to produce his own music. While I sat in on a studio session, he was actually producing his new track which samples R-Kelly’s famous hit, “Sex Me”. In addition to writing and producing, Joe College even directs his own music videos. Talk about a triple threat!

3. Co-Founder of the Civilized Savage Brand
Alongside his best friend, Joe created the brand Civilized Savage. The brand became popular in 2012 when they dropped their first item, the well-liked CivXSav beanie.

4. All About His Business
If he weren’t rapping, Joe College says he would be looking into opening his own business. Apart from rapping, he has always been interested in owning and operating his own restaurant. Joe says. “My family is filled with workers. I want to be the first person in my family to be able to say, ‘This is my shit.’”

5. He’s A College Graduate
Joe graduated from Wesley College in the Spring of 2014.

6. Lone Soul
As I mentioned before, Joe College likes to be hands on with all aspects of his music. He has never featured another rap artist on any of his mix tapes. Joe explains, “No disrespect to other lyricists, but I just like doing my own shit. I’m selfish when it comes to what’s mine- I want the whole song to myself.” You can’t help but respect his honesty and dedication to his technique!

7. From Selling Music to Making Music
In Middle School, Joe College has fond memories of selling music. He would go to his local flea market every weekend, buy the latest mix tapes, go home, make copies, and then redistribute the tapes for a profit. Joe believes this hustler’s ambition is the main reason he grinds as hard as he does today; for the love of music.

8. Balance Is Key
One of Joe College’s vital mottos to live by is “Stay Balanced.” He admits that everyone should live a balanced life, with not too much or not too less of anything. In everything he does he tries his best to remain balanced; whether it’s his music, balance between his friends, or just everyday life. Balance is everything to the gifted musician.

9. Momma’s Boy
As a child, Joe and his mother bonded through music. He credits his mother for being the person that introduced him to the art. His mother introduced him to artists such as Sade, Anita Baker, and Luther Vandross at a young age. He also has one very specific, fond memory of his childhood; him and mother listening to Tupac’s, “California Love” until the cassette film literally popped out of the tape. Joe College says that’s a memory he will never forget.

10. Destined For Greatness… And Then Some!
Joe College is simply unstoppable. When asked where he sees himself ten years from now, Joe answered, “In ten years I see myself planning for the next ten years. Tripling my worth and spreading the income like butter; with my hands in everything and my money in so many different places!” That response alone shows us that Joe has no plans on stopping. He is definitely here to stay!

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